Mama's Family Quotes!

Mama: I swear Vent, you two make me sick the way you hang all over each other! And of all places do you have to do it on my couch? Can't you go in the basement?
Venton: Well Mama, we don't want to use our couch because it's cluttered.
Mama: Yes Venton, I bet it is. It's probably over run from the frolicking that the two of you do on it!

Mama: Oh damn! My vaccuum is broken! How am I ever supposed to clean this place?
Venton: Well Mama, Naomi still has her vaccuum that I got her. You could borrow it, it's never been used.
Mama: Oh thank ya baby!
Venton: Here ya go Mama.
(Mama begins to clean the rug when the vaccuum starts to make a clinking noise. Then they see a puff of black smoke and the vaccuum dies. She pulls the vaccuum off of her rug only to find it burned a hole through her rug.)
Mama: Oh no! That piece of junk burned a hole through my rug! No! My favorite rug!
Venton: Oh Mama, we can just replace that one!
Mama: (hollering) You can't replace this! Errr....
Venton: Sorry Mama.
Mama: That's ok baby. (grumbling) I need a beer!

Eunis: She delibrately hit Mama with the pot!
Naomi: I did not!
Eunis: Oh yeah? Someone should try knocking you over the head with a pot, then maybe you'd tell the truth!

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