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I have recently added the newest page, in contrast to the famous USA Forum. I have partnered together with them and their company, to promote putting a STOP to the Internet Harrassers who harrass children. The popular USA Forum and I have brought this to the attention of hundreds of people who are willing to devote themselves to putting a stop to these games that these people are playing. It is called Child Abuse, as well as Molestation, and it will NOT be tolerated anymore. We need to put a stop to all of this, and that is what we are all here for. So I have added this new page, equipped with the details of the top Internet harassers out there, as well as how you can get rid of the person harrassing you.

Internet harrassment strikes every minute. And it is always more than one victim. According to the USA Forum, in their recent survey, before undergoing a new design to the site, statistics show that over 500 girls under the age of 18 are harrassed by an Internet "friend" every day. The most common age range goes from 11 to 17. 12 year olds being the most popularly struck. These people who are innocently using the Internet for website purposes, e-mail, etc., don't expect to be hit by some freak. An Internet harrasser , most commonly does not really have a real life, so they are devoted to the Internet "Cyber-Life", knowing that people are very easy to meet. Things from the dirtiest as cyber-sex all the way to things as simple as "just wanting to be your friend" are a piece of cake for these inadequate people. And just put yourself in the place of an innocent 11 year old----One who only thinks that this person is just wanting to be their friend, but when really they are harrassing and in some cases saying the dirtiest of things that an 11 year old thinks as innocent. So then there is me, the Webmaster, who was only 13 at the time when I got struck by an Internet Harrasser. And I was engaged in an 10 month hellish "Internet Life" with this weirdo. And recently, in September I broke the contact permanently, thanks to my finding of the USA Forum, who were complete strangers at the time, but gave me the best solution to the problem. And it appears that it doesn't stop, even after the contact is broken. So the best way to get rid of the Internet harrassers, is simply to ignore them, because ignoring them will only make them angrier. But replying back to them in a hasty, angry reply, will only make these freaks smile with pleasure because they feel that their job for the hour has been completed---pissing off the recent victim and getting their weaknesses, knowing already what they are, and knowing that they can get a rise out of them. Other things can also occur, such as sucking up, with things such as "I think you are such a great person", or "I think your website is the best ever", or things like "I was only joking". The truth being it is not "just a joke"---It's harrassment, child abuse, and child molestation and it is a problem in the world that doesn't get the attention it deserves. And not to mention it is very illegal. And there are alot of professionals at it---For example, the idiot that harrassed me for months was a pervert---One who told a 13 year old that they were in love with me and wanted to take me from my country and adopt me, one who said they wanted to marry me, and one who said I was an "HC" Which stood for "Hot Chick". And this was coming from a 47 year old overseas to a 13 year old American. And I could tell that it was never a joke---Especially when I started talking to other people who were currently in contact with him. And all of this was done via ICQ and e-mails as well. And when I went to the professionals for help, they took one look at the printed out e-mails and ICQ History and said, "Get rid of the contact ASAP". So anyone out there needing help with this problem, please feel free to contact me, or feel free to contact the United States of America forum, at: E-mail The USA Forum . These people are professionals at this sort of thing, and they will help you with your problem as they did mine. And if anyone would like to know this idiot's name who harrassed me for months, which most of the people have already had bad experiences with them, please feel free to contact me and I'll send you all the proof--I still have it! But of course, my cousin from Amer.Intel has the whole file of the e-mails and stuff I printed out and gave to him---So I'd be glad to help you get rid of ANY Internet Harrasser who is bothering you. Thanks for your time and watch out for those eejets on the Internet who have no "real" life but the Internet!!! Because they can be dangerous, especially if you give them your complete details. Remember---Don't ever give out your home address to ANYONE over the Internet, unless you have actually met them. And don't ever give out your phone number unless you know the person and have met them. Thanks for your time and have a great day and Happy Holidays!!!
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