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Looking at Aging Proactively Without Regret

Aging is a blessing granted to those still alive in later years. Many challenges must be faced for those farther along on the journey, but even as there are rewards in long-distance sports events, there are also great vistas to enjoy as one age. All that is needed is to let go, get on with the grief, accept new and diverse ideas, and not waste precious time blaming or worrying about what you can't do anymore.

Accepting Limitations of Aging

No doubt there is grief to be had in facing situations where aging limits an older adult. But there is life beyond the grief! So seniors and boomers would be well-advised to endure the suffering instead of getting stuck in it. Sometimes it is to let go of some things to introduce new and interesting vistas to your life.

Some benefits to actually making a list. Write a limitation (e.g., inability to kneel to garden or climb industrial metal stairs) and an alternative life-affirming action (like indoor plants or a small raised garden area). It could even be a plant by the window where the morning coffee may be enjoyed while finding joy and solace in nature.

Seniors Can Try New Things

Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dr. Suess got their start later in life. My midget grandma started designing shell boxes, stars, moons, and other objects of shell art in her 60s. Look into diverse ideas and options and grow in your acceptance of others.

The world is full of new opportunities and interests available for the taking:

Do Not Sit Too Much in Retirement

The most vital principle is to sit only a little. Part of no-fault aging is accepting some of the responsibility for our own health. Many of these activities can be done during commercials:

Seniors Can Practice No Fault Thinking About Aging

Using humor and alternative behaviors can go far toward getting past fault-type thinking.

This is a good time for senior citizens to consider no-fault aging looking at aging proactively without regret. Since looking back at fault or guilt does not help, it seems appropriate to look forward to the sunshine of the future. Accept the limitations of aging while refusing to get bogged down in anger, bitterness about declining health, or other challenges. Recognize that life isn't fair, but there is a lot of living to do down the road. Walk confidently into the journey of aging and grow bold along with me!

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