I Love Lucy Quotes!

(Lucy, Ethel, Fred, and Ricky are re-decorating the Mertz's appartment. Ricky and Fred go into the kitchen and they leave Lucy and Ethel out in the Living Room. All of a sudden, Lucy rips an old chair to shreds and the feathers fly everywhere and they end up sticking to the freshly painted walls)
Ethel: Lucy! What have you done? You've ruined my beautiful apartment!
Lucy: Uh, oh Ethel, I'm sorry!
(Ricky and Fred walk out from the kitchen and see the fan blowing the feathers everywhere) Fred: Oh no!
Ricky: Lucccccccccyyyyyyyyyy! What have you done? How are you going to clean this mess up?
Lucy: Uh, uh, like this! (She begins to pick up each small flying feather individually.)
Ethel: Oh Lucy, come on! It'll take forever doing it that way!

Lucy: But Ricky, why can't I be in the show?
Ricky: Because I said no!
Lucy: But why?
Ricky: Lucccccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! How many times to I have to tell you, no is no!
Lucy: Blah, blah blah, (mimicking him in a squeeky voice) no means no!

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